Beach Boys Historic Landmark

In the summer of 2003, while listening to some Beach Boys music on his patio in Tracy, CA, Harry Jarnagan decided it was time for some type of permanent recognition to the Beach Boys. Knowing their home was demolished to build the Glenn Anderson (105) Freeway, Harry decided a Historic Monument was the appropriate recognition. In the spring of 2004, Harry applied to the State of California for permission to erect a monument in proximity to the original home of the Wilson Family at 3701 West 119th Street, Hawthorne, CA. The location was approved and the state declared the site “California Registered Historical Landmark No. 1041”. The historic landmark project was then approved by the City of Hawthorne.

The original family members assisted Harry in the design of the landmark, Hatch Mott and MacDonald developed the plans and Scott Wilson coordinated the construction. On 20 May 2005, the dedication was conducted which culminated a two (2) year effort to honor the birthplace of the artists that became an important part of our cultural and musical history.

Fred Vail opened and closed the dedication ceremony that included appearances by Stephen Kalinich, Corky Carroll, David Marks, Matt Wilson, Billy Hinsche, Al Jardine and Brian Wilson. In attendance were fans from around the world.

Personalized Monument Bricks

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